Challenges in Selling Final Expense Policies

Paul Turner
2 min readFeb 3, 2023

Following are some of the issues that call center agents are dealing with as they pitch Final Expense policies.

I present these issues as quantifying questions.

  1. How many customers are seeing false TV commercials about paying less than a dollar a day for a policy face amount of $30,000?
  2. How many people still expect to pay for final expense policies by personal check?
  3. How many 74-year-old males expect to pay monthly rates that are available only to 55-year-old males?
  4. How many 80-year-olds also want low monthly premiums?
  5. How many people expect to get affordable monthly rates when they refuse to provide their lists of medications?
  6. How many people pretend to be interested in buying — calling just as a lark or just to kill time?
  7. How many people want an application for insurance in their hands with an accompanying brochure before they buy a policy?
  8. How many people call before thinking at all about their monthly budget?
  9. How many people call without finding out that their children signed them up already?
  10. How many people call without their spouses also on the phone? Some of these people assert that they must consult their wives, husbands, or life partners?
  11. How many people let their grandchildren make calls on their house or cell phones?
  12. How many people withhold information from an agent, and then find out that the insurance carrier has rejected them?