Cold weather quips

Paul Turner
Jan 19, 2024

The sandman is gone,

The snow person is AWOL,

The coffee is comforting.

Good morning.

In the bitter frost, the honeybees are shivering and helping out in the hive. The humans are warming their cores, unclogging their heads, getting ready for a bizzzy day.

Good morning.

(to self, carrying out the trash for the morning pickup — in the bitter cold) When was my last ice cream headache? (brrr, wha?)

Where are my hat and gloves?

It is so cold in some parts of these United States — right now — that the steel-cut oats need WD-40.

The space heater is on.

The patient agent is alert.

Good morning.

Good morning. Feeling chilly? Say hi to a blue jay or a green warbler, or an alley cat.

It’s National Bird Day.