Oh Buried, Ancient Patrilineal Essence

Where did I come from,

Oh Family Tree DNA, 23 and not me, and old gray GEDCOM?

Did my people sidle up or just feint?

But wait, with patrilineal DNA,

Specialists take me back to prehistoric Germany:

ancient, sometime cave-dwelling bones.

And it’s irrelevance again.

No possible thread from antiquity —

who’s not who at any illusory moment in the last 15 generations.

Nothing budges for thirty-four years of searching.

And then into this void, a hired detective pulls Musing Rabbit from a hat

And sweet exposition — four years after my birth father dies —

Our warm phone call, the long ride north and west to Ohio

And you, living aunt, alive and well, and real!



Voiceover actor, writer, singer, and poet.

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