You love someone,
but not like them much, and
spend more time elsewhere.

You can like your pals, but
not feel the ache of love, and
hold each other for fun.

When you both like and love someone,
there’s the bond that keeps —
the strength and regard for the ages



In some possible world,

You make yourself whole,

Taking hold of skeins of destiny.

With agency to activate your actions,

You pick up the phone —

ear-based hair cells numerous and intact —

And your brain matter lacks plaque.

In this life tho’

You are just a self,

By the by,

Getting by.



Pink noise and industrial carpeting


The sales boys are loud and reverberating

The sales girls here, not so.

We are serving sound pollution — less so, quelling objections

Queue operatic choruses offstage.

Let absorbents deliver!



You’re opening up the China airways to

Vaccinated tourists from elsewhere

Your citizens are under-vaxxed,

And they will roam over here and there & you don’t care.

There’s paranoia about bringing in vaccinations

from Europa and North America.

But your COVID rates are up,

And your hospitalizations are up.

Open your central minds,

Your looping solipsism is expendable.

Import the vaccinations.

And roll up your people’s sleeves,

Jab old folks and other vulnerables —

Again and again.



If you sold or gave away all the stuff you placed in an off-site storage locker, and saved that monthly fee, you could have more than enough for a final expense policy.

Self-financing these end-of-life costs is illusory for people who don’t put money in savings accounts.

How much are YOU spending on storage lockers, cable TV, and cellphone minutes each month?